Our history

We produce exclusively indigenous wines in the hills of Abruzzo; a unique area regarding environment, climate, quality of terrain and traditions. The main driving force of the company is to aim toward excellence and to produce high quality natural wines, with an imprinting of pleasure and joy to the taste buds, of 'bon vivre', of being contemporary and unspoiled. To the distinct characteristics of the terrain, we combine natural techniques of grape cultivation, by hand harvesting and diligent care to the process of cellar wine making. As homage to our native land where Antonio, his father and before, grandparents and grandfathers, cultivated the vines, we named Riccio the top line of our wines. i 5 Ricci final

Antonio Castelnuovo Wines
Contrada Arielli, 16
66026 Ortona (CH), Italy
P.Iva 08950820962

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